Reddit Night Mode for Android App

If you are a Reddit Android App user, you can enable the cool Night Mode with few simple taps. Night Mode uses a darker theme and is considered easier on the eyes. Night mode is also suitable for those whose eyes are sensitive to bright white background of Reddit user interface. So, here are the steps to enable Reddit night mode for Reddit Android App.

How to Enable Reddit Night Mode on Reddit Android App

The Reddit Android app has a setting to enable night mode.

Step 1

Open your Reddit Android App. From the main screen, tap on user icon located at the bottom right corner as shown below.

reddit night mode user icon

Step 2

Once in the screen which displays your user related information, tap on the Settings icon (like a gear) located on the top right corner.

reddit night mode setting icon

Step 3

The night mode toggle on/off button is located under Appearance. Tap on the toggle button to turn night mode on.

reddit night mode on button

The Reddit user interface will immediately change to a darker theme as shown below.

reddit night mode android

If you wish to revert back to the regular user interface, simply follow the same steps and tap on the night mode toggle button to turn it off. Also, checkout our guide on how to turn on Reddit Night Mode for Chrome Browser.

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