How to Keep Microsoft Teams Status Available All the Time

Most system admins set Microsoft Teams status to show Away when you are inactive for 5 minutes. This article explains how you can set your status to show Available all the time.

How to Remove Microsoft Teams Away Status

In order to avoid Microsoft Teams to show you as away, you need to be in a fictitious Teams call. This call won’t interfere with your day to day activities. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Click on Microsoft Teams Calendar Page

MS teams calendar page

Step 2: Start a call by clicking on Meet Now button.

MS teams meet now button

Ensure you keep your audio to mute and do not invite anyone to this call. Click on Join Now.

MS teams mute

Step 3: Using the menu under your profile picture, set your status to Available.

MS teams set status to available

Now, as long as your call is active, Microsoft Teams will not put you to Away status and your status will remain as Active.

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