Videos and Gifs Not Loading on Reddit Android App [Fixed]

If you are a Reddit app user and own an older model of the Samsung Galaxy S series phone, such as a Galaxy S3, S4, S5 and S6, or any other older phone, you may notice that the videos and gifs stop playing after you have watched a certain number of them. There is no exact number for how many videos and GIFs need to be watched before they stop loading. Quitting the app doesn’t solve the issue either. Once you go back into the app, the videos still show up as blank and won’t play. This blog post will help you resolve the issue of videos and gifs not loading on Reddit app.

How to Fix Videos and GIFs Not Loading on Reddit App

The older phones are having difficulty keeping up with the ever increasing resource hungry apps. As new phones come out with massive processing power, the apps are also updated to keep up with them. This puts the older phones at a disadvantage as their processing power simply can’t handle the load. 

However, you don’t have to get rid of your old phone yet. The following tips will help you fix this issue.

Clear Reddit App’s Cache to Fix Videos Gifs Not Loading on Reddit

Android apps store some cache data in your phone which are considered as junk files and can be safely deleted. Cache files are used by apps as references for faster loading at a later time. By clearing the cache of your Reddit App, your videos will start loading again. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Open your Phone’s Settings. This can be done by tapping on Apps and looking for Settings icon.

Step 2: Find Application Manager under the Settings. Tap on Application Manager.

Step 3: Locate the Reddit App on you phone. This app maybe located under Downloaded, SD Card, Running or All tabs under Application Manager. Tap on Reddit App.

Step 4: Once you are seeing the App info screen for Reddit, be careful not to tap on Clear Data button. This will delete your login info from the app and you will have login again once you start the app next time. Swipe down to locate the Clear Cache button and tap it. This will immediately clear the cache and free up the space the junk files were taking up.

Now, open Reddit app and you will notice that the videos and gifs are loading again. Until you upgrade to a new smartphone, follow the above steps as required to fix videos gifs not loading on Reddit.

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