How to Enable Reddit Night Mode in Firefox

Reddit is known as the front page of Internet where people can share and rank contents. Firefox users whose eyes are sensitive to bright white background and would like a darker black theme, can follow this guide to enable Reddit night mode in Firefox web browser.

How to Enable Reddit Night Mode in Firefox

The night mode in Firefox is enabled through a Firefox add-on called Reddit Enhancement Suite. Upon activation, the night mode can be turned on and off with a click of a button.

Step 1

Open the Firefox web browser. Click on the menu icon (three horizontal bars) and select Add-ons. You may also press CTRL+SHIFT+A to open the Add-ons manager.

reddit night mode firefox menu

Step 2

In the Add-ons Manager, click on Get Add-ons Links and scroll down to click on See More Add-ons button. This will open up the Firefox Add-ons collection page.

Step 3

In the Find add-ons search field, type in Reddit Enhancement Suite and hit enter.

Step 4

The search result will display the official Reddit Enhancement Suite add-on. There is a + Add to Firefox button which will appear next to the plugin descrition. Click on the button to install the add-on to Firefox to enable night mode.

reddit enhancement suite addon firefox install

Step 5

Now visit You will notice a RES settings icon (looks like a gear) on the top right corner of the Reddit page. Click on the gear icon and click on the night mode toggle button to turn on night mode.

reddit night mode toggle button

That’s it. The theme of the Reddit site will change to a darker theme as shown below.

reddit night mode firefox

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