How to Change PIN to Password in Windows 11

A PIN is an easy way to login to Windows 11, however, it may not be the most secure one. That is because a PIN can be easily recognized by someone paying close attention to your keypad when you are logging in. A password consisting of letters and numbers is a more secure way of logging into your device. This article will explain how to change PIN to a password in Windows 11.

Change PIN to a Password in Windows 11

  1. Right click on Windows Start icon and select Settings.
  2. Click on Accounts
  3. Click on Sign-in Options
  4. Click on PIN (Windows Hello)
  5. Click on Change PIN button
  6. Click on the checkbox to include letters and symbols
  7. Enter your current PIN and then type in your new password
  8. Click OK

how to change-pin-to-password-windows-11

Now you have replaced your PIN with a password.

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