Rogers Phone Service Down Nationwide April 19, 2021

If you woke up this morning and was unable to make calls or surf, you are not alone. Many people across Canada reported that their Rogers and Fido phone service has been down since midnight.

Rogers issued a statement this morning. However, many people including me were thinking if it was a phone related issue. I tried restarting several times but to no avail. Once in a while, I did notice connection to 4G data network, but it didn’t serve any purpose.

Twitter has been flooded with complaints from affected individuals. I am lucky to have my Fido home internet service working but feel bad for many who may rely on their phone/tablet data service with Rogers for school or work.

If you need Internet on your phone or tablet but don’t have a wifi modem, try the following. This requires that you have high speed internet access through a wifi capable computer wired to a modem.

Click on Windows Start button. Then type “mobile hotshot “. Then enable share my Internet connection with others. This will allow you to connect to your computer’s Internet.

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