teksavvyTeksavvy offers very affordable high speed DSL Internet connection for Canadian residents. Here is the review of their $31.95 up to 5.0 Mbps DSL high speed Internet service.


Teksavvy uses Bell telephone lines to provide DSL service. They are basically a reseller for Bell. Their DSL download speed is up to 5.0 Mbps. The speed offered is very reasonable and on average ranges between 3.0 mbps to 4.3 mbps. Their $31.95 DSL service includes 300 GB of monthly bandwidth limit which is sufficient for intense surfing.


Since Bell lines are used, the DSL service seem to be very reliable with minimal downtime. During our test period of 2 months, there was no downtime observed. The bottom line is, if Bell is experiencing difficulties with their lines then Teksavvy customers will also face downtime.

Customer Support:

Among low cost high speed Internet Service providers, Teksavvy has very good reputation for customer service. The sales reps are friendly along with tech support team. If you do face any negative situation, you can complain in DSL Reports forum.

Few Things to Note:

There is no contract. If you have an existing DSL modem, for example from Acanac, then you can use it with Teksavvy. If you don’t have a modem then you will have to purchase one. Purchasing a modem from Canada Computers will entitle you to a month of free service from Teksavvy. However, we advise that you purchase an used modem and save some money.

Often you will see advertisements in major populated areas from Teksavvy showing high speed Internet for $24.95. Please be advised that this price is for lite speed and not the 5 Mbps one.

Overall, Teksavvy is a decent company providing low cost Internet service.

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  1. Michael Mai

    Teksavvy was highly recommended by my friends. I got bad services from Rog**s so I decided to change. I called Teksavvy to set up the transfer. Two days later I was told that the order rejected. Then my nightmare started. I called Teksavvy in the last month about 5 times, to set up the account again; called back to tell them about my cancellation date; to get support to check the line on cutover day(Rog**s does not response to they, according to the tech); and then called back to tell them don’t charge me since the line is not up yet. Guys, unless you are as patient as I was, and willing to wait on the line for as long as 55 minutes, DON’T transfer you service to Teksavvy. I don’t know what is the best solution but this is definitely a worst one.

  2. Shawn

    Teksavvy is pretty good. I had some problems during activation. I called their technical support. They have 24/7 technical support but you will have to wait a least 20 minutes to hear from an operator. Teksavvy couldn’t get my problem resolved so they issued a work order to bell. I got my internet 8 days after signing up. So far I get 4.3Mbps/0.5Mbps, so its pretty good.

  3. TorontoSM

    Teksavvy is a disaster. I have been trying to get my home phone service from them and 6 weeks later, I still don’t have a phone. teksavvy has, however, billed me for 2 months of service (including premium features) even though they haven’t been able to connect me as of yet.

    Every time you call their call center, the wait times are over an hour and the CSR’s are rude and obnoxious. Nobody seems to care about customer service or resolving your issue…all they want to do is keep stealing your money. I’m surprised these guys are allowed to operate.

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