Examity Online Proctoring System is Down Due to COVID-19

Examity is a virtual proctoring system for schools and universities that allow online exams. I have personally used Examity several time to write online proctored exams. The experience wasn’t the best but it is indeed quite convenient writing exam from the comfort of your home. The system does ensure academic integrity is maintained as the live proctor observes the entire session and the event is recorded. In addition, the computer screen is recorded and a room scan is done before the exam begins.

Is Examity Down?

While schools and universities are shutting down world-wide due to COVID-19, Examity would be the ideal choice in this situation to enable online proctored exams. Unfortunately, today I got an email that Examity is temporarily down due to the virus.

The notice from Examity stated, “Due to staff safety concerns related to COVID-19, the Examity platform is temporarily down. Consequently, test-takers will not be able to access their proctoring appointments today. Our team is actively working towards a resolution. We are sorry for this inconvenience. Please note, if you have proctoring scheduled for today, you will be able to reschedule your appointment once service comes back online.” An image of the text is given below.

examity down covid-19 corona virus

I quickly reached out using their live chat support to see if they know when the system will be back. This is important as April marks the end of semester for many universities and many exams are planned. The agent through live chat wasn’t sure when the system will be coming back live. The agent simply repeated the message which was in the email.

Examity utilizes contract workers in India to proctor their exams. When I was writing my exams, the proctors were Indians and sat in close proximity. As India locked down several major cities, the Examity service was also impacted. While this is inconvenient for the students, it is understandable that the safety of the workers would be greatly compromised.

Hoping the Examity team is able to come up with a solution soon so that learning can continue for many who depend on them.

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