How to Remove Corona Email Virus for Free

Corona virus has everyone’s attention and scammers are taking advantage of it. Using catchy titles, scammers are sending phishing emails to unsuspecting individuals. These emails appear to have been coming from medical or regulatory professionals. They often appear to be Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The emails contain attachments or links which seem relevant to a user. For example, the link may state “new coronavirus cases around your city”. The attachments may have titles such as, “learn about safety measures you can take against spreading the virus”. The attachments could be in a word or pdf format. No matter how genuine they look, these links and attachments will cause a virus to download in your computer. This article discusses how to remove corona email virus from your system.

corona email virus removal

How to Remove Corona Email Virus from your Computer

If your computer is infected with the Corona email virus, follow these steps to remove it from your system for free.

Step 1: Download Malwarebytes to remove the Corona Email Virus

Malwarebytes anti malware and antivirus software is an excellent software for removing unwanted viruses from your computer. You can download it for free from here.

When you download the trial version, you will get access to their premium features for 15 days. After 15 days, the version will automatically switch to the free version. You don’t know to pay anything to use the premium version for 15 days. I suggest you keep the free version running in your system as the software is very effective against keeping viruses away.

Step 2: Install Malwarebytes

Once installed, do not run a virus scanner yet. The corona email virus can interfere with the virus scanners and give a false impression of a clean system.

Step 3: Restart your computer in Safe Mode

Windows 10: This can be done by clicking on the Start button and typing System Configuration. Start the program.

corona virus system configuration

Click on Boot tab and check the Safe Boot option. Also, select Network under the Safe Boot options.

safe boot

Click on Apply. The system will prompt you to restart the computer. Please restart the computer. Once done, the computer will restart in Safe Mode. In this mode, viruses are often inactive and don’t have access to the files required to execute their processes.

Step 4: Run Malwarebytes in Safe Mode

Once you are logged into Safe Mode, double click on the Malwarebytes application icon to run it. Do a thorough scan of your system.

Step 5: Quarantine and Delete the Virus Files

Once the scan is completed, Malwarebytes will identify the corona email virus infected files. You can now quarantine and delete these infected files. Once quarantined, the system will restart.

Step 6: Return to Normal Boot

Repeat Step 3 but this time, uncheck the Safe Boot option to return back to your normal windows login. Restart the computer.

You should now have a clean computer free of the corona email virus and malware.

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