free-internetDid you know that you can still get free dial up Internet access? This service is important in case your current internet access is down or you don’t have any Internet access at all. Below is a list of few companies that provide unlimited or few hours of access per month.

Free Internet Access in USA – Free dial-up Internet access for New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

MetConnect – New York’s Free ISP service with no time limits. Requires sign up. – Free dial up Internet access for Western Washington Area. Access numbers are available for over 9 cities.

NetZero – 10 hours of free dial up access per month. Software download required. Have hundreds of access numbers accross the nation.

Free Internet Access in Canada

NetZero -Free 10 hours of Internet access available for many major cities in Canada.

Vancouver Community Network – Free dial up Internet access for Greater Vancouver Area using 56K modem.

Most of these companies require you to download a software which dials the access number for connection. The software serves advertisements in order to provide free Internet. Avoid using any software that causes frequent pop up windows to appear.

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