How to insert “\” if you don’t have a backslash key

If you are using a Windows computer and your keyboard doesn’t have a backslash “\” key, you can use the following methods to add one to your document.

Method 1: Use the ALT + Code Feature

The code for generating a backslash is 92 or 092 in Windows. Hold down the ALT key and type in 092 or just 92 using your keypad. Once you release the ALT key, the backslash should appear.

Method 2: Search, Copy and Paste

Simply do a Google search for “backslash symbol”, select, copy and paste the “\” into your document.

Method 3: Insert Symbol

If you are working with an Office application such as Word or Excel, you can click on the Insert ribbon and then Symbol. Find the backslash and insert it to your document.

Method 4: Use Character Map

Click on Windows Start button and type in “character map”. Open the app and look for backslash. Double click the symbol and then copy and paste it to your document.

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