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Rogers $50 EPP Plan with Free Tablet

Companies that use Rogers services often have access to special corporate plans that are offered to their employees. The company that I work for has similar arrangements with Rogers and offers its customers discounted mobile phone plans. The plans are often not that great, but if you are a heavy data user, there is one that might be of interest to you. Couple of months back, both Rogers and Telus introduced 20GB phone plans for only $50/month. These plans are called Exclusive Partner Program or EPP plans. To be eligible for this 20gb for $50/month plan, you will need to have a corporate email address.

rogers $50 20gb epp plan

Here’s how I got my $50 EPP Plan

My 2 year contract with Fido was coming to an end just before 2020 Black Friday. Therefore, I was on the lookout for a decent talk and text plan with data. Didn’t need a new phone as my existing phone was performing just fine. While many wonderful plans were being offering during Black Friday, I thought I should check my company flyer to see if any good plans are being offered by Rogers. That’s when I noticed the $50 EPP plan for 20gb data, unlimited talk, text, etc. I decided to go with it.

I decided to contact Rogers through online chat and they sent me a link to validate my company email address. I did that and a pass code was sent to me within 48 hours. I contacted Rogers again once I got the pass code and they were able to sign me up. There are many companies which are eligible for this plan, so you just have to contact Rogers and find out.

The phone plan is quite good, here are the details:

20GB Max Speed Data
Unlimited Canada-wide Calling
Unlimited Canada-wide text messages
2500 Call Forwarding Minutes
Call Waiting
Conference Calling
Call Display with Name Display
No overage, unlimited Data Usage (throttled after 20gb)

All for $50/month. This plan is not eligible for financing a device, so you will have to bring in your own phone.

A Free Samsung Galaxy A8 Tablet with the Phone Plan

During the signup process, I asked if I was eligible for any other free add-ons such as international long distance calling and free tablet offers. I was denied being eligible for free international long distance calling. But, the agent said I am eligible to receive a free Samsung Galaxy A8 Tablet with 4gb data for 2 years. Though, this makes me get in a contract with Rogers for 2 years, I decided to go with it. It’s not a bad offer. Many people decide to sell the tablet and recover some fund to reduce their monthly phone bill even further.

Experience with Rogers so Far

I was a Rogers customer over a decade ago, but left the company because of bad customer service as well as insane billing problems. Though, I was with Fido which is also a Rogers company, my experience with Fido was much more pleasant. Nevertheless, I decided to give Rogers a try and they have greatly improved their customer service.

I have been on this EPP plan for about 3 months now and the service has been great and there hasn’t been any billing errors. This is a great improvement from what I had to go through years ago.

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