Why You Need an Anti Virus that Checks Internet Links

safe-surfingIn current times, most of the malware and viruses spread through seemingly legitimate websites. When you search through Google, you are presented with the most relevant search results. However, sometimes a link you click on results in several pop up windows being opened alongside the desired website. These sites are usually infected with viruses and malwares that are automatically downloaded to ones computer.

Once these viruses get in, they can severely damage ones computer or expose sensitive information about the user such as credit card numbers, passwords, etc. Metacafe used to be one of the most popular video sharing sites. However, in the recent months, anti virus software are warning against automatic malware downloads from Metacafe. Similarly, there are many other sites that appear to be legitimate are no longer trust worthy. Now, how do you detect or prevent yourself from clicking on these links or going to these sites? There is a way.

What you need is an Anti Virus program that scans website links. This feature is often called Link Checker/Scanner, Site Advisor, etc. The link checker will detect and warn you if a site is infected with any malware or viruses. When Google searches are made, an icon is placed beside each link which indicates whether it’s a safe or unsafe site. If you do visit a site by accident, you will see a warning message in the status bar telling you to leave the site. Below is a list of free and paid antivirus programs.

List of Free Anti Virus Software

List of Best Paid Anti Virus Software


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