RBC Website Outage Cost Me $3000 Profit in Marijuana Stocks

On Wednesday, January 3, 2018, RBC webiste (Direct Investing site along with its Online Banking Site) was hit with intermittent outages throughout the day. In addition, the RBC Mobile App was also down. The outage was linked to heavy trading volume and I am assuming that it was definately due to the volume caused by surging marijuana or cannabis stocks in Canada. Some of the marijuana stocks surged by over 80% in one day! For example, THC.CN, THC Biomed International, jumped by 87.92% on Wednesday. MGW.V, Maple Leaf Green World Inc., jumped by 52%. HIP.V, Newstrike Resources Ltd., jumped by 45%.

During the outage, I tried to place some sell orders through the RBC Mobile App but the orders didn’t go through. I tried using the RBC Direct Investing website and it didn’t work either. I rushed to Twitter to see what was going on and RBC stated that they are facing intermittent problems with their services. Around 12 PM EST, the site started to become functional. But it was super slow. By the time I was able to place my orders, I already missed out on some big gains.

If you are looking into investing in some Canadian Marijuana Stocks this year, have a look at the following companies. The prices are still low and affordable. Consult your financial advisor if you do wish to invest in any of these companies.

List of Cheap Canadian Marijuana Stocks

  • CRZ.CN
  • KALY.V
  • HIP.V
  • CHV.CN
  • TNY.CN
  • GLH.CN
  • THC.CN
  • EAT.CN
  • MGW.V

How to Trade Stocks When the RBC Website is Down

If you need to place an order urgently, you can call their support line. The service is quite fast and you should get a hold of someone within few minutes.

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