Send Large Files By E-mail

If you are a free Hotmail, Yahoo, or G-mail user, you will know that sending large files by e-mail can be a major problem. Most of the major e-mail providers don’t allow attachments of files which are larger than 10mb. Here is a list of e-mail service providers who allow attachments of larger files:

DropSend Lite

DropSend offers a free service which allows attachments of files upto 2GB in size. However, the free service does have certain limitations. For example, there is a limit of 5 sends per month and a maximum number of 1 recipient is allowed per email. The transfer rate is given low priority, meaning the bandwidth allocated for download and upload speed will be low. Unfortunately, the free service does not support zip files, multiple file sending, delivery confirmation, drag & drop, return receipt and password protected files.

Transfer Big Files

The free service allows files upto 100mb in size, secure upload and transfer history. The service is ad supported. Limitations include, expiry of transferred files after 5 days, 5 downloads file per month.

WE Transfer

The free service offers max 2GB file transfer. The files are automatically deleted after 7 days. Very limited features.

Mail Big File

The free service offers sending of files up to 2GB in size. The files are available for up to 10 days and 1 recipient per email is allowed.

File Mail

The free service offers file sending up to 30GB in size. No registration is required. Files are available for 7 days and unlimited downloads are accepted.

Things to Consider Before Using the Above Services

We do not recommend sending of files containing personal or sensitive information through the above services. In addition, one must thoroughly read the privacy policy to ensure that their email addresses are never hoarded or shared with third party advertisers. Avoid using the service if a privacy policy is not offered or is not adequate.

Alternative to Email File Sending

DropBox – Secure online storage which can be shared with anyone.

Box – A DropBox alternative. 10GB free storage.

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