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I was feeling lazy one day and decided to use the online ordering option through instead of going to an actual Lowes location. The items I was ordering did not fall under the free parcel shipping option for orders over $49 so I had to go and pick up the item from my nearest Lowes location. Pick-up was free and ready the very next day. online shopping experience Online Shopping Pros

Since, this was the first time I was shopping online with Lowes, I signed up for their email offers to receive a coupon code valued at $10 redeemable on a $50 purchase. The offer comes as a pop-up when you visit their website. If you don’t see the pop-up, you can scroll down to the bottom of their main page and find the section for e-mail signup.

The online ordering process was simple and smooth. There were no hurdles. I was able to locate the items easily, check the stock in my local Lowes store and checked out securely without an issue. An email message instructed me to wait for a notification that my items are ready for pickup before I visit the store. Online Shopping Cons

Aside from the positive ordering experience, the real trouble came during picking up the order. Basically, you have to line up at the Customer Service desk with every other customer who is there to either return an item or pickup an item. As with all other major box stores, the wait was long.

After 15 minutes of waiting, my turn finally came and guess what, I had to wait another 15 minutes for them to process the paperwork and have someone pickup my order from a holding location inside the store. 30 minutes lost just waiting. Had I just skipped online shopping and gone to the store and picked up the item myself, it could’ve been done within 15 minutes.

I understand that online shopping is still new for most of these retailers and may improve in the future. I really wish Lowes had an express service for online shoppers to promote this method of shopping.

Did I end up shopping on again? Unfortunately no since I do not want to go through that horrible wait again. If you had better luck shopping with, feel free to share your thoughts using the comment form below.

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