How Much of Your Life Will be Spent on the Computer?

life clockAs Internet becomes more interesting and access becomes easier and affordable, many of us are sitting in front of the computers for longer durations. A recent study shows that teenagers on average spend 31 hours a week surfing the net alone. That involves going through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Games, E-mails and others. Those of us who are not teenagers, we might be spending even more time on the computer. Now, let’s see how long of our life will go behind computer usage if we live for 70 years. Let’s assume we start full computer usage at the age of 10. That will be 60 years of usage.

If we use 1 hour a day: We will spend 2.5 years of our life on the computer!

If we use 2 hours a day: 5 years of our life!

If we use 3 hours a day: 7.5 years of our life!

If we use 4 hours a day: 10 years of our life!

If we use 5 hours a day: 12.5 years of our life!

If we use 6 hours a day: 15 years of our life!

With every increase of an hour, you will add 2.5 years of your life to computer usage. Something to wonder about, isn’t it?

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