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servintWe have been using ServINT VPS hosting service for quite a while and here is our review of the company.

Uptime: Their uptime is amazing. We switched from due to uptime issues and migrated to Servint. Since migration, we had very minor downtime which amounted to no more than few minutes. As far as uptime goes, this company deserves two thumbs up. The company gives generous pro-rated refunds incase the site goes down for more than specific durations.

Customer Service: We didn’t have to use their phone support however, the email support is very good. As soon as a support ticket is issued, a representative works on it within 10 minutes and replies back right away. Customer support is one of the most important aspects for website hosting. Fast, reliable and friendly customer support is the sign of a good business and Servint has it written all over them. They used to have a customer forum but the registration for new members has now stopped.

Price: Servint Offers several VPS hosting packages. Prices start from $49. These prices are very reasonable based on the superb reliability of their servers.

Hardware: Aside from some minor issues, we did not face any serious hardware problems throughout the duration of our hosting with Servint. Even the lower end packages offer fast and high performance servers.

Location: Their servers are located in East or West coast of USA. We decided to go with East coast servers since West coast has higher probability of earthquakes.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a reliable VPS hosting then look no further, go for ServInt. We found ServInt after a lot of searching and reading reviews of many web hosting companies. ServInt has proven to offer reliable uptime and excellent customer service. Click here to visit

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