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CanNet FTTB High Speed Internet Service Review $29.98

CanNet Telecom provides high speed Internet service across Canada including Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan. CanNet is a third party re-seller for major Internet Service Providers such as Bell, Rogers, Cogeco, Videotron and Shaw.

CanNet occasionally provides promotional deals for its FTTN (Fiber To The Neighborhood) plans. Currently, the company is offering 50 Mbps, Unlimited Internet for only $29.98 per month (plus taxes) to Ontario residents. There is no contract and the price is guaranteed for 2 years. The deal seems to be targeted towards users.

The 50Mbps plan includes the following:

  • 50Mbps download
  • 10 Mbps upload
  • 10 days full refund

The price is guaranteed for two years after which the price increases to $39.98 per month plus taxes. There is also a $9.98 per month (plus tax) AC router rental fee which hikes up the price to $39.96 plus tax per month.

The service is not available to all residents. You will need to verify availability by doing a quick postal code search. This is due to the fact that not all areas in Ontario have been upgraded to fiber optic networks.

If you are already an existing customer, it will cost $90 to switch to this plan in addition to a $100 deposit.

The promotional webpage contains several grammatical errors which may lead to poor representation of the company. As per CanNet’s Facebook page, several negative reviews about service and support have been publicly displayed.

Customers have complained about poor service at peak hours though CanNet states that their service remains as high performing even during peak hours. Some customers faced reduction of speed to less than 10 Mbps on a 150 Mbps plan. Others have complained about poor service setup procedure by technicians. Several complaints about long wait times have been reported for reaching a support representative as well.

Before you sign up for any third party re-seller of Internet Service, it is vital that you select a company which provides excellent customer service. Low price should not always be the first criteria for selecting a ISP company.

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