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iPad Trade-up Program Gets You up to $380 in Apple Store Gift Card

ipad trade-up programApple has launched an iPad Trade-up program which allows you to get up to $380 towards an Apple Store gift card. Full program details are available at the Apple website. All you have to do is bring in your Apple iPad to an Apple Store and get instant credit through a gift card.

Only the following iPad models are eligible for trade-in: iPad 2, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro. The amount of credit you will receive for your device also depends on the condition of your device. An Apple iPad 2 in excellent condition may fetch up to $70 in credit. An iPad Air in great condition is valued at up to $170. Apple iPad Air 2 is valued at up to $240. The highest amount is reserved for the iPad Pro, which can fetch up to $380! 

The value set by Apple is not the greatest but comes close to the current market value for the aforementioned iPads. For example, an iPad Air 2 is typically listed for $300+ on popular classified websites like Kijiji. An iPad 2 is usually listed for $200+. An iPad Pro is usually listed for $700+, almost double of what Apple is offering. So, selling your iPad through a classified website may fetch more value than the trade-up program.

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