Just got my Loblaw $25 Gift Card, this is what it looks like

Back in January, Loblaw started offering $25 gift cards to each adult in a household for a bread price fixing scheme. I was one of the millions who signed up for a card on the very first day. Today, I got my card in the mail and this is what the Loblaw $25 gift card looks like.

loblaw $25 gift card

The card is plain and simple. There is a sticker which has a web address and a telephone number to activate the card. The website provided was too slow to activate. Possibly because of too many people accessing it at the same time. The phone number worked out well.

In order to activate the Loblaw $25 Gift Card, you will need the 16 digit number located on the front side of the card. In addition, you will need to provide the month and year of expiry (located at the back of the card). There is also a 3 digit code to be put in which also appears at the back of the card.

The letter which came with the card has information on which stores the card can be used in. Here is a snapshot of the stores:

stores accepting loblaw $25 gift card

Note, the card has an expiry date of about 10 years. If you have multiple adults in the house and you applied for a card for each one of them, the cards may arrive at different times depending on processing times.

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