How to Get Amazon Prime for Free and 50% Off

I remember when Amazon first started. It was a simple book store selling titles which didn’t amuse me much. But as the company grew, I became more and more attracted by its product selection and now, it has become one of my preferred online merchants for buying pretty much anything other than fresh food. Unfortunately, the perks of Amazon doesn’t come without a price. To get the best out of Amazon, one would need to be a Prime Member. It comes with free 2-day shipping for many products and no order minimum.

amazon prime students 50% off

Prime membership is not cheap. Consumers have the option to sign up for a monthly fee or pay a slightly reduced yearly fee. If you really like shopping online and love the amazing deals Amazon has to offer from time to time, the membership is really worth it.

How to Get Amazon Prime Free for 6 Months and for also 50% Off

But, there is a way to get the membership for 50% off. But, this is only available to students. Not only that, students also get 6 months of free trial membership. Others only get a month of free trial. In order to sign up, you will need an email address of a recognized educational institute.

To sign up, visit . US residents, visit

US residents require a .edu email address. If you are already a Prime Member and paid the full amount, you can still join as a student without cancelling your previous membership. Amazon will refund you during renewal or offer you a prorated refund if the benefits were used.

If your Amazon Prime membership is through another company, such as a phone company like Sprint or Koodo, you will likely have to cancel that membership before signing up for a student account.

In addition to shopping, Prime Membership comes with several other perks. You get access to Amazon Prime Video – TV Shows & Movies, free books and music. Moreover, there is unlimited online photo storage and annual Prime Day where special discounts are made available.

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