How to Get Unlimited Data for Free from Fido

Fido has some interesting data only plans for tablet PCs starting at $15 per month. On a two year contract, you can get a LG G Pad IV or ZTE Grand Xview 2 for free! The data only plans usually include 2GB but from time to time, Fido increases the 2GB to 3GB. At the time of writing this post, the 3GB promotion is in effect. A BYOD data only plan is also available. If you are a BYOD data only customer with Fido, you can actually upgrade your plan to get unlimited data for 12 months, for free.

How to Get Unlimited Data for Free from Fido

To be eligible,  you have to be a customer with Fido without a contract and currently hold the BYOD tablet data plan. The 12 months of data with no overage charges will be offered to you through a customer service rep. Regular billing cycle will start after 12 months. This promotion was brought to light by a user (Blackblazer) in Redflagdeals. Here are the steps to getting this promotion:

  1. Call or start a live chat with Fido.
  2. Ask to cancel your data only plan.
  3. The customer service rep will offer you 12 months of usage with no overage charge for $0 per month.
  4. Take the offer.
  5. Say your thanks and end the call/chat.

You don’t need to have a phone plan with Fido to take advantage of this offer. You are good even if you only have the data only plan. You can also apply this promotion to multiple data only plans you are enrolled in.

In case you are on a data only plan contract, you can pay off your device balance and convert your plan to BYOD plan. This will make you eligible for the $0 promotion for 12 months. It is possible that multiple tries will be required to get this offer.

For unlimited usage, request the customer service rep to clarify if there is any limit to overage. The promotion state that there is no overage charge for 12 months.

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