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Fido 10GB Plan Shows 5GB or 15GB in My Account and App

If you have recently signed up for the Fido 10GB data plan for $60 per month, you may have noticed that the plan still show up as Fido Pulse 5GB BYOP in Fido’s My Account and in Fido App. 

Many customers signed up for the Fido 10GB Plan through the mobile app. This was possible by changing the plan to Fido’s 5GB Pulse Plan which would then be upgraded to 10GB Plan automatically. However, automatic update was not instant. You would still have to contact a Fido customer service rep to have the additional 5 GB show up. If you haven’t done that already due to long wait times in the past, you should do it right away to have the extra 5 GB added to your plan.

Update: It has been confirmed by Fido that even if your plan shows 15GB whereas the plan only has 10GB data allowance, the company will not be honoring its customers for extra data usage. The error is being fixed. Check out our guide on how to ensure that you don’t go over your data allowance at the bottom of this page.

Fido App Acts Up Once in a While for the Fido 10GB Plan

If Fido mobile app is the only thing you use to access your account, you will notice that the app is not always up to date with the right information. For example, when I first signed up for the 10 GB Plan for $60, the app would display my plan as the 5GB Pulse Plan and then under Usage screen, it would display 10GB as the available data. It would contradict itself.

Later on, the app would correctly display my plan as Fido Pulse 10GB BYOP plan but under Usage, it displays available data as 15GB. See the pictures below. As you can see that the app is not always accurate.

The picture below shows that my plan is a 15GB Plan, whereas, it is actually a 10GB Plan.

fido 10gb plan shows up as 15gb

This picture below displays my plan information correctly as the Fido 10GB Plan. Both snapshots were taken from the Fido App. So, don’t rely exclusively on Fido App for your plan information.

fido 10gb plan

Fido Online My Account Is Not Any Better

While the mobile app shows contradictory information, the online web account is not any better. The web account still shows 5GB Pulse Plan BYOP. 

fido pulse 5gb

To make matters worse, the available data shows up as 15GB in the web account. I have spoken to a Fido Customer Service rep and she mentioned that Fido is in the process of transitioning into the 10GB plan. In the meantime, there might be dependencies in the plan information. But, you should still ensure to limit your usage to 10GB to avoid any extra charges. You can track your data usage through the Fido app and the web account. This post will be updated once the account shows the correct information.

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