How to Sign Up for Fido 10GB $60 Data Plan Online Through My Account

The giant mobile phone companies like Bell, Rogers and Telus decided to go wild all of a sudden and reduce their prices for the 10GB data and voice plan for only $60/month! Since the deal is so lucrative, thousands of people flocked to the stores, called customer service and overwhelmed all channels of support. If you are with Fido, the Live Chat is nearly dead with waiting time is more than 4 hours long, the customer support phone line simply drops the call and there is no response through the Facebook Messenger and Twitter. Can’t blame them, the reps must be totally occupied with responding to the non stop calls/messages. However, as per a forum post on Fido’s website, anyone can get the plan without going through a tech support rep. Here are the steps for how to sign up for Fido 10GB $60 Data Plan online.

Update (1:00 PM EST): Once you follow the steps below, you will still need to contact a Fido customer service rep to ensure that the bonus data gets reflected into your account right away. Otherwise, you will be waiting a while before it shows up. I opened a chat session with Fido this morning at 9:40 AM and got a hold of someone at 12:30 PM. It was a long wait but eventually someone picked up the session and got the 10 GB added to my account. I also asked them whether the 10GB data was for 24 months only but the rep has confirmed that it is not, it will go on until I keep the account with Fido or further notice, see screenshot below. So, if you are trying to get this plan, don’t give up, keep trying to reach them, it’s worth the wait.

fido confirms 10gb data is permanent

Update (1:15 PM EST): Many people have asked whether this is for new customers only. No, this plan is for existing customers as well. I am an existing customer and I was able to change my plan.

Update (10 AM EST – Dec 20): It may take up to 2 days before you receive a confirmation regarding your plan change. I got a text message about 1 day later and then an official email after 2 days regarding my plan change.

How to Sign Up for Fido 10GB $60 Data Plan Online

How to Sign Up Through My Account on

sign up for fido 10gb $60 data planVisit and login to My Account using your credentials. Once logged in, click on Services link and choose Mobile. The Usage Summary page will open giving a breakdown of your mobile phone service plan. Scroll down the page until you see a CHANGE PLAN button. Here, you will see the various plans available to you. Scroll through the plans until you see the 5GB Pulse Plan for $60. Note that this plan does not show up as the 10GB data plan but as per the forum post by an official Fido rep, after you sign up for this plan, the bonus 5GB data plan will show up later. It can even take between 2 to 3 billing cycles for it show up but you will get it. This is terrible but it will ensure that you don’t miss out on this deal.

How to Sign Up Through Fido My Account App

Tap to open the Fido My Account App. Tap on Plan. You should see a button called Change Plan underneath your current plan info. Tap on the Change Plan button. The internet browser will open up and you will be transferred to Login using your credentials. Browse through the plans until you locate the 5GB Pulse Plan for $60. Sign up for this plan and the bonus 5 GB will be added to your account at a later time, within 2 to 3 billing cycles.

Fido has announced that the 10GB data will remain permanently until the customer is with Fido. It was originally announced that the bonus 5 GB data would last for 24 months only, but it is now permanent.

Some users have complained that the Change Plan option is not working during day time. I tried using it during the late night hours 12AM + and I was able to go through. 

Changing the plan through BestBuy

If you are an existing Fido customer, you won’t be able to change your plan through BestBuy. Their system simply won’t work and they will redirect you to call Fido. The only way you can get the plan is to switch to a new provider.

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