How to Remove Malwarebytes Real Time Protection Notification

remove malwarebytes notificationMalwarebytes for Android is an excellent app for keeping you safe from dangerous websites while you browse the Internet using your Android device. I have been using Malwarebytes for over 5 years now in my PC and also use it on my Android phone. So far, the app has done an amazing job in keeping my device secure from malware and phishing websites. However, one disadvantage for having the app it its “Crushes Malware. Restores Confidence. Real time protection is active.” notification which remains in the notification bar of the device. This notification cannot to be removed by swiping. I will discuss how to remove Malwarebytes notification from the notification bar in this post.

How to Remove Malwarebytes Notification from the Notification Bar

The Real time protection or RTP notification can be removed by Malwarebytes settings options.

Step 1

Tap on the RTP notification to open the Malwarebytes app. From the app’s dashboard, tap on the Settings icon (three horizontal lines) located on the top left corner.

malwarebytes notification settings

Step 2

Swipe down until you see Settings. Tap on Settings

malwarebytes settings menu

Step 3

Under General, tap on Notifications.

malwarebytes notification settings link

Step 4

Locate, RTP notification checkbox which is automatically selected when the app is installed. Tap on the checkbox to uncheck it. A warning message will appear stating that Real Time Protection may stop when the device is low on memory. Tap OK to acknowledge the warning.

rtp notification check box uncheck

That’s all! Now the Real Time Protection notification from the notification bar will be removed.

8 thoughts on “How to Remove Malwarebytes Real Time Protection Notification”

  1. K. P. Badertscher

    I have tried doing this, but the icon remains in the notification bar. Any suggestions? I don’t want to turn off notifications for the app altogether.

    1. It is possible that your RTP Icon option is checked. When you are in Step 4, see if the RTP Icon box is checked. It is just below the RTP Notification checkbox. If so, please uncheck it and it should go away.

      1. K. P. Badertscher

        The odd thing is that I don’t have an RTP Notification checkbox in the settings, only an RTP icon. I have the latest paid version of the app.

        What fixed it for me was going into system settings and drilling down into the individual notifications for the app. Each had a description, but there were two RTP notification settings. Perhaps one for the notification and one for the icon, but it wasn’t specific. Disabling one of them turned off the icon in the top of the screen and also turned off the permanent notification.

  2. Angelo Petropolis

    Real time protection is active.” notification which remains in the notification bar of the device. This notification cannot to be removed by swiping. Your fix not longer works because the option to deselect RTP notification has been removed from the current version of Malwarebytes.

    I am running it on a Samsung Note 9. Malwarebytes versions

    Is there any was around this notification other than turning RTP off?

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