D-Link Wireless N300 Router DIR-605L Review

d-link-605l-routerD-Link Wireless N300 DIR-605L Router is available under $30 at most electronic stores. It’s a quality product for a great value. 

The box doesn’t state that the product is compatible with Windows 10; however, we have installed the router in a machine running Windows 10 without any issues. Here is an honest review of the product since we are not affiliated with D-Link nor have any affiliate links to the product on this site.

Physical Features

The overall physical appearance of the product looks sturdy. But, one should be careful about handling the antennas as they can break easily if not gently handled. The product is small and doesn’t take up much space. 

The D-Link DIR 605-L router has 4 Ethernet ports at the back which allow you to connect wired devices like desktops to the network. 

Setup Process

The setup process is quite simple. The included manual gives adequate step by step instructions for setting up the router which can easily be understood, even by beginners. The setup takes place through the web browser. The router comes with one Ethernet cable but you may need a second one if your computer is not wi-fi capable. You have the option to use the QRS Mobile App if not using a computer. The setup instructions are available here as well.

Signal Strength

The signal is impressive even in big houses. The router functions flawlessly over extended period of time without any loss in signal. Testing was done from all areas of the house (2000 sq. ft.) including the basement and 2nd floor and the signal strength was comparable to the source. Testing was done outside the home as well with very minimal reduction in signal.

A total of 8 devices were connected to the router at the same time and no noticeable decrease in signal strength was perceived. Overall, it is a great product for a great value.


If you are in the market for a wireless router without a big budget, then go for D-Link DIR-605L. You won’t be disappointed. Just follow the step-by-step instructions in the manual and you will be setup with wifi in no time.

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