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Scratch ‘N’ Win Match 4 Game Card Real or Fake?

Every year, I get a Scratch ‘N’ Win Match 4 game card in my mail. The game card has two sections which are to be scratched off and if 4 symbols match in the same section then it is a winning card. The sections are identified as Game 1 and Game 2.

scratch 'n' win match 4 game card scam

Is the Scratch ‘N’ Win Match 4 Game Card for Real?

Game 1 usually ends up in failure with 4 identical symbols not appearing in this area. Game 2 is always a winner. Four “7” symbols are likely to line up in one line, giving an indication that the recipient of the card has just won a prize. The Scratch ‘N’ Win Match 4 game card is professionally made and can easily give an impression of a real lottery card.

The back side of the card conveniently lines up the symbols with a picture of an award but the symbols do not represent the prizes shown next to them. Since my card has four “7” symbols lined up, an Apple iMac 21.5″ computer valued at $1399 appears next to “7”. It is just for show.

However, the truth about the validity of this card is found at the back. The fine print states, “All entrants must be homeowners and qualify for, and agree to, a homecare product presentation (no purchase required)”. Basically, it is a marketing tactic used by a water treatment company who wants to sell expensive filtration systems.

scratch n win match 4 game card fraud

A phone number is stamped at the back of the card with an instruction to call them within 48 hours after the card has been received. There is no other indication of a company name. This makes the marketing scheme adapted by this company extremely shady.

When I called the number, a real person answered my call asking me to agree to a home demonstration of their product. As you may be already aware, water filtration companies will use various tactics to sell you their system. I have had salesmen demonstrating how my water is contaminated by performing a quick test in front of me. Their tactics will easily lure an uninformed person into paying for an expensive filtration system whereas other cheaper alternatives exist.

Those who have gone through their product demonstration have complained about aggresive sales tactics. The award which is given is usually a hotel gift card which requires you to actually spend money before it can be used. So, I would stay far away from them and recycle the game card. There is never a good reason to trust a company which would use deceptive advertising tactics to win your business. Always opt for honest and transparent companies who have nothing to hide.

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  1. otis


    1. David

      You are welcome!

    2. Cole

      Just received the exact same card for 2019 with the 7’s in same spot. Only difference is phone number and the date. Canada post should not take there business.

      1. David

        Totally agreed!

        1. yolo swag

          ty for writing this, saved me a phone call

          was gonna do it from work anyway to not give away my cell lol

          1. David

            You are most welcome!

  2. Thomas Sime

    I received a card thats 100% identical line for line to the one illustrated! Wonder what the odds are of that in a “contest”? A familiar little voice in my head says thats probably about “Zero”. I agree wholeheartedly with your posted comment “Always opt for honest and transparent companies who have nothing to hide” Stay away from people who access you by fraud trickery or deception their intent is almost certainly dishonorable.

    1. David

      Thanks, Thomas.

      1. Jane

        I just received the exact same card in the mail and today is the 9th 0f August, 2019, I called my brother to tell him that I thought I won something so he checked the card he got as we live in the same town just outside of Edmonton, Alberta and he scrached his card and got the exact same 7777 in the same row as mine. Needless to say, he had a pretty good laugh at my expense for falling for this scam that everyone in town(Slave lake, Alberta) won. These guys are really playing with people because I had never received anything like that in the mail before and I almost had a heart attack, I have a bad heart and started having chest pains when I really thought I won. I thought the card had to be from the car dealership so they really had me fooled. My point is that they absolutely might make a poor unsuspecting person have a friggin heart attack. However, how can Canada Post let this kind of thing go on.

  3. Lee

    Ditto, and thank you this scam is Ontario as well! The phone numbers do change either year to year or “cold call” campaigns to campaigns!

    1. David

      Agreed 🙂

  4. Connie A. Doucette

    I knew this was too good to be true! My card is the EXACT SAME as the one in your picture…. they couldn’t even bother to print different tickets!!! When I called the number 902-910-1102, I got a voicemail stating I had called “Eastern Eco-Solutions”. Guess I know to never trust this company!

  5. Mirna

    MY paper of my picture the samething in this website I want to know what did I Winne ? or money or any something like computer phone tv gift card or car what did I winne ?

    1. David

      The prizes are bogus. They want to sell you a product through this fake winning card.

  6. Walter Zarins

    Wow. This is exactly what I received yesterday, 15Aug18, here in Eastern PEI. Since the number to call is always busy I got suspicious. I totally missed the fine print about the product demonstration. Dah. Thank you. Most glad I found this Post.

    1. David

      Most welcome!

  7. Angela

    Super helpful review. I received one today in PEI and was instantly suspicious. Glad to know the truth. Thank you!

    1. David

      You are welcome!

  8. Clare

    Thank you so so much for the heads up on this one…..will ditch the card. Some peeps kids…..grrrrrrr

    1. David

      You are most welcome!

  9. Sabrina

    Holy!!! I got so excited when I saw the picture I have, has 4 7s in the same row, but before getting super excited I googled and found your article and saw yours is exactly same symbol, row by row, broke my heart. Thanks it was super helpful.
    you saved me from calling them.

    1. David

      Most welcome 🙂

    2. Hope

      Holy moly! I am in the same situation today, right now! Thanks David! : )

      1. David

        You are welcome!

  10. Funny man

    I feel like I should agree to the in home demonstration. Just because I will just keep the person at my house for as long as I can just to be a dick back to them. Just might have some fun with these scum bags

    1. David


  11. Baba

    I was excited also four 7’s top prize Toyota Camry sure why not?!

    They want to send a representative to your house and check your water system? Hmmm red flags is what I see & feel.

    Don’t bother with it you’d have better luck winning a free ticket from Lotto max or any other legit prizes from your local gas station or local convenience store ! Please don’t let this Max4 give up your winning dreams! There’s more to life out there

  12. Bee

    Sounds good the speil. Didn’t try too hard to sell. Wow got the $300. Gift card only if you buy the food you can use $300. Towards the cost!

    I should have googled first! Lost 45 minutes of my time!

    Don’t waste your time!

  13. Charles

    Merci beaucoup vraiment.

    1. David

      You’re welcome!

  14. Chuck

    I received the same Match 4 card today in the mail, I’m in Owen Sound On. (October 18th, 2018).
    After scratching the card I too had 4 Sevens – yes big winner!!
    So I called the number on the card and it was from a Water Company trying to sell me a water purification system. I agreed to a meeting and they sent over one of their representatives.
    The sales person was up front and in no way trying to push me into buying their product.
    We tested our house water which is (city water / some bottled water and the water she had) which was produced using their water treatment/filtration unit. She then explained how their unit adds the right amount of vitamins and nutrients which your body needs to be healthy. At this point I said sorry I wasn’t interested so we went to the prize that I won. She looked at the card (bottom right) and took that number and showed me what my prize was. No, it wasn’t the car / or TV / or Computer / or $500 gas card – it was the $300 meat card. I thought well that’s better than nothing – but she then explained I would have to spend $200 on the website Natural Direct Canada and they would credit me $100. This is how you get $300 worth of value.
    To say this is a scam is not true – they did give me a prize for about 15 minutes of a sales presentation.
    Am I 100% happy – no I didn’t win the car or the 65″ TV but I did receive a prize from them.
    I have no information if they’ve given away any Cars, TV’s or Computers – but I do know they did give me a $300 meat voucher (not really a great prize) but none the less a Prize. At no time did they ask me for any information (address/credit card etc) so I didn’t feel scammed by this company. Just another way to get leads. It did get them into my home so she could pitch me their product. It wasn’t for me so I said no and off she went.
    People have to realize that saying this is a scam is hurting this company from doing business. You might not like the way they are going about it but that doesn’t give you the right to call this a scam.
    I went through this process today to find out for myself and to possibly educate everyone on how this process works. Reviews for companies are gold – just look at Amazon – you buy things because of the 5-star reviews (at least this is what pushes most of use to send it to the cart). I’m giving this company a 4-star review for being upfront and honest with me once they came to my house. You can decide for yourself if their advertising methods were reputable or not? I would do this again the next time a scratch card comes to my house. I didn’t get anything from the water company for writing this message, I just thought they deserved a fair shake/opinion as to what this Match 4 card actually represents. Knowledge is beautiful when its used correctly. For people to say something is a scam without either researching or going through the motions (of what is asked of you) by the companies offering, just shows their ability to be ignorant and untrustworthy. Our society needs more trust, without it all we have are message boards like this one. Full of hate and untruths. I hope this helps to explain my interactions with the Match 4 card that landed in my Mail Box today. Let’s try to get along people, life is tough enough on us as it is.

    Chuck (I didn’t win the car, oh well maybe next time!?!)
    Cheers – respect each other, life is easier that way!

    1. David

      Thanks for your comment. It sounds like you are somewhat affiliated with this company based on the detailed information. But, why market a good product in this manner? This method makes the company look shady and not trustworthy. Based on the horror stories appearing in the news regarding salesmen deceptively selling these type of products, no one should be knowingly inviting anyone for a product demonstration. Trust me, I have been there and don’t want anyone else to go through the same.

  15. Robert Playford

    No I’m not affiliated in any way with this company. Just like the scam scare tactics you once again have your facts wrong.
    I went through the entire process for my own personal records and then l thought l would let the people know my experience with the Match 4 card that was delivered to my home.
    You can continue to use your untruths to get people to your website or you can post my comments and let people read it and then make their own decisions?
    I wasn’t scammed or taken for any money, they were upfront about what they wanted to offer and l allowed them into my home willingly. No I didn’t win the car or the big screen tv, if that means it’s a scam then I can’t change that way of thinking.
    Publish my message or don’t it really doesn’t matter to me. I just think there’s to much misinformation on websites like yours.

    Sorry if you feel like I was trying to trick anyone, just my 2 cents worth.
    Isn’t that why you have a spot for people to post comments in the first place?

    I won’t be back to your website unless I see another article that’s not correct…

    1. David

      No worries, published. I would love to hear from anyone else who may have dealt with them.

    2. frank

      I have just read your 2 posted comment. they are both scams.

  16. Fenny

    It is just like spam email, but received in our actual mailbox via canada post.
    I agree this is sort of scam, because it is not a real contest based on fairness.
    Thabks for the sharing.

  17. Anna

    What a sad marketing strategy! My 10 year old son got a hold of the card yesterday and screamed from excitement that he won a computer! He kept holding a card for so long and was excited to call the next day to get his price. My intuition told me something is not right after reading to call back in 48 hr. How would they know when we scratched the card???? So, I told him to google and see if anything comes up, sure enough within minutes he told me it is a scam. Felt bad for him as he was super excited and called few people to even share the news. This should not be allowed as a marketing strategy, what does winning computer have to water system? Poor marketing team that only makes things worse for the company. Good companies don’t need to trick people. Thanks for your blog!

    1. David

      Agreed, thanks for your feedback.

    2. Nikolay

      Lol that exactly what happened to my kids, they were superexcited. They sent me a message and I thought that they bought ticket or got it from COSTCO or Superstore, so I thought that it was legit. After I got home and put together all facts I understood the situation and cancelled all product demonstrations. Very dirty marketing! I can’t believe it that somebody is trying to justify this marketing tactics in top comments. This type of the companies and such marketing methods must be prohibited by law!

      1. David

        Thanks for your comment.

      2. Janne

        I totall;y agree!!

  18. Al

    The same card was delivered to our door just a few minutes ago. We could see the guy walking away, on our security camera. Must be Chuck aka Robert Playford. LOL

  19. Janne

    I received this card in the mail today and scratched all the numbers and found out I had 4 7’s and had won a prize. This is fake. Canada Post should not associate with companies who scam homeowners. Many people, including myself, have “No Agents, Peddlers or Solicitors” signs on our doors, This is another way of getting into someone’s house to sell them their products. If they wish to sell their products, it should be done in the proper and honestway – advertisement!

  20. Troy Calgary

    I received identical card with 7s!!! They have even a web site with no real address or phone number. What is wrong with these people!!! Wrong marketing. They tried this many years ago in Europe and never worked.
    Thanks Dave for the post!

    1. David

      Most welcome!

  21. Husnija

    Lottery ticket shouldnt be a way to represent this kind of bussines to people esspecially getting them excited and then you realize its bullshit.
    I just got one ticket but i havent said noone at household so i googled this up first and found this post.
    Making you think that you are winner,and than making you realize that you are not is absolutely called scam.
    Real company or not,theyre trying to scam people.
    I read a comment above,that kid that got excited is one of many probably and i feel bad for them.
    This is ridicilous

    1. David

      Thanks for your feedback.

  22. Me

    Wow thanks for making people aware. I should have read this before. You have said nothing but the truth here – every line. I wish I knew before my time got wasted into this scam.

    1. David

      Most welcome 🙂

  23. John

    Thank you open my eyes about this scam. I’ve received the same card and was wondering why there is no company name on the card.

  24. MB

    I live in Ontario and I too had the same 7’s in a row. I gave in and had the demonstration done. This is definitely a scam. I won a $1000 home furnishing card which is not even a card. I was told to look at any items from the brick and contact the email address on the back of the card with the product Id. I did everything that was told on the back of the card, but I have yet to even get a response back from that email address. It stated on the back of the card that someone would get back to me within 24-48 hours. I waited a week with no response so I thought that I would email them again, but still nothing. It was a complete waste of time. This should be reported and not allowed through Canada post.

    1. David

      Sorry to hear about your experience. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  25. Ross

    They have now moved on to a Match 3 scratch card. The layout on front and back are virtually identical, except the contact numbers. Just thought I would pass along. Thanks

    1. David

      Thank you!

  26. Misha

    I had an encounter with these folks on 19th March 2020
    We received a Scratch and Match 4 card. Same scheme, different looking card.
    We scratched it and got 4 matching hockey symbols. The card seems to give the appearance that you’ll at least win SOMETHING of tangible value. But, I’m sorry to tell you folks, you will not.
    All of these cards are ‘winning’ cards. But barely any of them have the winning symbols which will get you to win anything remotely of value.

    We called the phone number written on the back. The lady who picked up the phone refused to speak to anyone who wasn’t the home-owner. She then asked where we were calling from. We told her, and she said “I can send over the agent of your area. He can come by this evening. He’ll call you at 6:00 PM to confirm the demonstration time with you. As part of this, you’re agreeing to give opinion about our air or water filtration system”. Umm, okay.
    So this guy calls us at 6:00 PM. Tells us he can be there by 6:15.
    He shows up at 6:15 sharp with a knock on the door. Says he needs to come in to test our water system. We say, can you do it from outside? We can bring you our tap water in a jar. He says “Nope, I have to come in to do the demonstration”.
    Since we were at this point already, we figured why not let him in and see if we won anything.
    He proceeds to show his ‘credentials’ and company certificates, all to ‘prove’ how legit everything he’s saying is. He does random tests on the water, says random formulas, and keeps asking us complicated ‘scientific sounding questions’ to appear legit.
    He wasted an ENTIRE HOUR. Would not leave before that. Kept insisting the water we’re drinking could be so much better and he needs to do the tests. He kept promoting the ‘purification’ systems his company sells. Nothing he promoted was less than $3000.
    After the demo, we thank him for his time. He asks to see the prize card we scratched. He knew what symbols we got even before he saw our card! “Okaaaay, so you got 3 hockey sticks i’m guessing. That just gets you a coupon”.
    Ummmmm, WHAT!?
    Omg, what a complete waste of time! Please leave.


    1. David

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us. This info will be useful to many people.

  27. J

    Just wondering, are you in Alberta by any chance? We are suing the water filtration company that left this same scratch card in our door steps and just wondering if you still have the physical copy. What you mentioned above is exactly what they did to us as well. I hope we can connect.

  28. Andre

    Any scratch and win card is scam. There is always company behind and you need to go through presentation. Water filtration, vacuums or similar. Prizes do not exist, it is fake card, which offers discount on other bad businesses like this one. Do not call them, you waste your time

  29. Eugene

    We are in 2022 still has an old-school trick. Most win games including on social media are fake. Please don’t believe them. Who is going to give some money from the sky? Come on, only trust the big companies might be giving some prizes.

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