Become a Pro Fisherman by Learning Fishing Online

I recently got into fishing and what can I say, I am totally hooked! It’s a nice past time with the family and a great escape from the everyday hussle.

I used to fish with my father as a kid back in the days, however, wasn’t very much into it. In terms of experience, I was a totally novice fisherman. However, that is not the case anymore. Thanks to some superb individuals on the Internet, I have been able to garnish my knowledge of fishing to a level which even some pros envy. Pros meaning, my father and his friends.

From finding hot spots to using the right bait, Internet research can be amazing in terms of discovering techniques that actually work. I believe, taking some time out and doing some thorough research can actually turn fishing into a fun filled and memorableevent and a productive venture as well.

Here are the great pro fishermen who are really good at educating novice anglers like me:

Thundermistlures: Ivo, who is the CEO of this fishing company, has a Youtube channel and bunch of videos to educate novice and pro fishermen and women. This gentleman is a very friendly and knowledgeable guy who shares a lot of good information. He takes a casual approach to fishing and makes it feel like you are actually there as he constantly shares his good and bad moments with friendly commentary. In addition, his fishing buddies simply add-on to the overall fun.

Uncle Steve: Gotta love this guy. He is my fishing hero. Uncle Steve is an American angler who mostly likes to catch small fish. He does catch large fish once in a whilel. His Youtube videos are a must watch for all novice anglers.

LunkerBoy: Young dude, fishes mostly with his dad and mom on Lake Simcoe, Ontario. Shares many good tips and often catches large fish. You will have to do a video search by using the term “Lunkerboy” on Youtube to find his great videos.

More to come as I continue to discover these great individuals who share their knoweldge of fishing.

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