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If you are looking for a MP3 player for your car, then we have an easy solution for you. You will not have to pay more than $15 for it! Surprised? Don’t be. FM Transmitters with an USB outlet have the ability to play MP3 files and transmit the audio to your car’s Stereo System.  These transmitters connect to the car’s cigarette lighter have been in the market for the last few years. Many of them come with a digital display and a remote control. Prices range from $5 to as high as $35. Here are some pictures of what they look like:

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You can buy them from eBay or your local computer store. Another good place is  Couple of things to be aware of when you order:

1. Cheaper is not always better. The cheaper models often have faults such as audio getting stuck when the car bumps on a rough road. Also, their features are limited.

2. Look for a model that has a digital interface. It allows you to see the title of the audio that is playing.

3. Prefer a model with a remote control that has 1-10 number buttons along with Stop, Pause, Play, Fast Forward/Rewind buttons. This is just for the sake of making it easy to control the device.

4. Some models come with options to read other cards besides just the USB stick. This will allow you to play media from a wide variety of memory cards.

5. You might want to purchase a model that can play other audio format as well. For example, some FM Transmitters are able to play WMA format and even AVI videos.

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