How to Hide Messages, Pictures, Videos and Apps in Your Android Smartphone

Ever feel insecure about your smartphone’s contents? Do you have personal images, videos or text messages that you want to hide from people who may have access to your phone? How about causing some apps to work for yourself only? If you said yes to any of the above questions, this article is for you. Hiding sensitive information can not only assure you security, it can even save your relationship.

To start hiding your stuff, all you need to do is visit Google Play and download Hide it Pro. It’s a free software. The app is a major hit amongst Android users and have been downloaded over 5 million times!

How it works

The app uses a very neat trick to disguise itself from a typical phone user. It represents itself as an Audio Manager. To make it even more realistic, it can literally control your phone’s audio settings. Once the App is launched, the following screen is presented. An alert on how to get to the real app is shown the first time the app is launched. Now to get to the secret vault, the user presses and holds on to the app logo for a few seconds. A screen then appears to type in the password.

(Photo: From Developer’s Page)
What can be hidden with Hide it Pro

Hide it Pro can hide a wide variety of phone contents. My personal favourite is its ability to hide specific apps. The hidden apps still show up in the directory but an error message is given every time the app is clicked on. An option for clicking on either “Force Close” or “Report” is given. When the user clicks on Report and types the vault password, access is given to the hidden app!

In addition, you can safely hide pictures, videos and text messages with this app. To hide pictures and videos, all the user has to do is browse to the picture and click on Share. The menu will bring up Audio Manager (disguised Hide it Pro) and upon entering the vault password will hide the pictures.

(Photo: From Developer’s Page)


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