iPhone 5 News and Features

iphone5Apple is to announce a new generation of iPhones in September. Here are some features that we think will be included in the upcoming release. However, we are eager to see any new innovation that Apple may come up with.

1. Faster Processor: This is confirmed. The next generation of iPhones will have dual core A5 processors that currently power the iPad. Many phones already have this feature and Apple needs to implement it in order to beat the competition.

2. Better Cameras: It has also been confirmed that the so called “iPhone 5” will have a better quality 8 MP rear camera. Again, many phones like Samsung Galaxy S II and HTC Sensation already have 8 MP HD rear cameras. Apple may introduce high quality front camera as well.

3. New Operating System: iOS 5 has been officially announced and will most likely be the choice of operating system for iPhone 5. iOS 5 will have many extra features such as an improved Notification Center, iMessage service, newsstand, integrated Twitter functions built right in, and others.

4. More Storage Capacity: iPhone 5 will most likely have expanded storage capacity. As the storage technology has improved, iPhone 5 may come in 64 GB or even 100 GB+ models.

5. Longer Battery Life: iPhone 5 is sure to have improved battery life that may go well beyond 10 to 15 hours of lifetime.

6. Modification in Design: The typical iPhone shape may change in the upcoming release to give it a more of a next generation look. Many pictures have surfaced for the iPhone 5 but none are official. The phone may be thinner and lighter.

7. Larger Screen Size: iPhone 5 may have frame to frame screen size giving it around 4″ to 4.3″ display. This is important as many other popular Android phones already have larger screen size.

8. Better Display Quality: The retina display in iPhone 4 was good, but not good enough compared to Super Amoled screens introduced by Samsung. Apple may now offer better and brighter screen technology.

9. Apps for Business Users: With Blackberry sinking, Apple may want to gain the business market share by introducing powerful business apps in iPhone 5.

10. Cloud Technology: Since Apple has already introduced this service to the public, the iPhone 5 may make full use of this technology which will virtually provide unlimited access to cloud storage.

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