How to Make Your Desktop Computer Wi-Fi Capable

wireless-n-adapterMost of the modern laptops have built in wireless adapters which make them capable of receiving wireless internet signal from routers. If you like this feature on your laptop, did you know that you can turn your desktop computer into a wireless machine as well? Yes, it’s possible through an USB wireless adapter or a PCI wireless adapter card.
An USB wireless adapter is the easiest method of turning your desktop wireless. PCI wireless cards require you to open up your desktop and insert the card into a free PCI slot. In terms of price, PCI cards are cheaper than USB adapters. However, PCI cards are aged technology and much larger in size.

USB wireless adapters are found in most computer retail stores. They look similar to USB flash drives and fit easily into a free USB slot. The cost of these adapters have gone down significantly over the years as technology advanced. They are very small in size and easy to carry. They can also be used in laptops that don’t have built in wireless adapters.

If you are planning to buy an USB wireless adapter, then look for a 802.11 b/g/n adapter. You have the choice of between b/g or b/g/n. The one with an “n” is newer technology and receives much stronger signal. Data transfer rate is also faster with an “n” adapter. 802.11 b/g adapters are cheaper but receive weaker Internet signal from the wireless modem or router.

Wireless N adapters range from $10 to $30 in price. It depends on which brand you are buying. Cheapers models are available on eBay from Chinese sellers for as low as $7. Honestly, there is not much difference in terms of functionality between generic and name brand wireless adapters.

Please note that you must have a router or a wireless modem in order to receive Internet signal through the USB wireless adapter.

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