InboxCube Review – An App that Makes E-mail Visually Appealing

inboxcubeInboxCube seems to be a promising app which will provide a different approach to e-mailing for iPhone and iPad users. The app beautifully organizes e-mails, attachments and contacts in “cubes” to make e-mail viewing more visual. Undoubtedly, e-mail was one of the first means of communication over the Internet and remains as one of the most common method of exchanging information to date. I have been an web e-mail user since 1995 and have been very pleased to see the constant improvements Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail, etc have made over the years. Unfortunately, not too many good free choices are out there for iOs and Android users. This is where InboxCube caught my eyes.

I am a big fan of clean and clutter free UIs. It’s good to see that InboxCube provides a very attractive user interface. Novice and Pro users alike will find navigating through the screens simple and fast. The emails are displayed beautifully with a summary of the message and snapshot of images if the message contains any attachments. Replying to e-mails is a breeze and the search feature has several useful filtering options. The attachment cube, which is an archive of all the attachments, is my favorite part of the application. The attachments are conveniently kept in the cube and are further categorized into Pictures, Videos, Documents, etc tabs. This feature is super handy for any user who frequently deals with e-mail attachments. I personally admire this feature as I have to regularly look up sent and received attachments for work related matters.

The app doesn’t fall behind in supporting various popular e-mail providers such as AOL, iCloud, Yahoo and Gmail. Many individuals often hold multiple e-mail accounts with various providers and being able to have all the emails coming to one device is quite time saving. Once an e-mail is received, an alert is given almost instantly.

The contacts cube provides easy navigation to seek out contacts quickly and easily. In addition, this feature allows a quick look-up of all the emails and attachments sent by any given contact.

There have been reports of the app crashing however it is very common with new apps and the developers will certainly address the issues as they appear. From the overall look and feel of the app, I can safely say that a combination of great minds worked behind the app and they certainly have the potential to grow InboxCube into a preferred e-mail client for mobile devices.

In conclusion, InboxCube is a big step towards taking e-mail management to a new era for mobile devices. I will look forward to seeing the app offer support for Outlook (POP3). It is a must have app for the avid mobile e-mail user.

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