Should You Buy a Tablet PC or Smartphone?

tablet or smartphoneYou want to upgrade to a new phone.  At the same time, you are thinking of a Tablet PC. All of a sudden you are wondering whether they are the same thing.  Don’t worry, there are millions of people asking this same question right now. We will compare the two below and you can come to a final judgment.

Laptop Alternative:
Smartphones were never designed to replace laptops.  On the other hand, Tablet PCs are capable of replacing laptops. That’s because, Tablet PCs run various operating systems that can handle applications similar to a laptop. Smartphones have scaled down versions of the applications that are commonly used for word processing, spread sheets and PDF reading. The main difference between the two can be regarding this feature. The hardware features of Tablet PCs make them more closer to a personal computer.

The price difference between Tablets and Smartphones are similar. Analysts are predicting that smartphones will get cheaper in price or will gradually lose interest.

Smartphones have an advantage when it comes to mobility. They simply fit in the pocket and weigh very little. Tablets on the other hand won’t fit in the pocket and require a small carrying bag or purse.

Since Tablets are like laptops, they have a huge storage capacity. Smartphones on the other hand have limited storage capability. The higher the storage, the more expensive the price gets for smartphones.

Speed and Multitasking:
Due to the size advantage of tablets, they are loaded with faster processors, more RAM and other features that contribute to overall speed. Smartphones have limited processing speed. Multitasking is faster and better with a tablet than smartphone.

Surfing the net with smartphones require a lot of zooming, panning, etc. Tablets, such as iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab, offer full featured browsing functions with decent display size.

Reading PDF Books:
Again, smartphones are limited in terms of screen size. Their screen sizes range from 2″ to 4.3″.  Similar to viewing web pages in smartphones, PDF documents also require a lot of zooming and moving left and right to display the whole thing. Tablet PCs have larger screen size and display PDF documents without going through the extra hassles.

Watching & Recording Videos, Video Conferencing:
There isn’t much difference between the two devices for this function. Most smartphones and tablets are fully capable of recording and playing HD videos. Most current models also come with front and rear cameras for video calling and video conferencing.

Taking Pictures:
Not much difference between the two. Both devices come with 5.0 MP cameras or higher for taking amazing quality pictures.

Social Networking:
Both devices are loaded with apps that make social networking a zap.

Both devices can run a wide variety of games available on the app market. However, you will get a better display and control over the games through a Tablet PC.

Unnecessary Apps:
Smartphones that are locked to a certain carrier come with many unnecessary applications. This nuisance is not present in Tablet PCs.

In conclusion, whether to buy a Tablet or Smartphone really depends on a person’s lifestyle. Professionals on the move may require both devices whereas students and other individuals may be able to go on with just one of them. From our perspective, it is wise to buy a small sized Tablet PC if you need to do a lot of out of home computing.

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  1. how does a person make phone calls by using a tablet PC?
    calls are only made by the help of smart phones.

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