5 Reasons Why You Should Wait to Buy a Tablet PC

ipad galaxy playbookThe temptation to buy a Tablet PC must be getting stronger in your mind as more and more new models are released to the market. But is it time to switch from your laptop to the tablets? Here are 5 reasons why we believe you should wait longer before purchasing a Tablet PC.

1. Price: As competition increases, the prices of Tablet PCs will get cheaper. You will get a much better tablet for a lower price. In fact, Apple recently gave $100 rebate to anyone who purchased an iPad version 1 tablet within 14 days before the iPad 2 was released.

2. Features: iPad like tablet PCs are new to the market. As time passes, these tablets will get faster and more feature rich. Features like slideout keyboards will soon fit into the same size tablets that are found today. In fact, Dell has already introduced a hybrid like Laptop-Tablet PC known as Dell Inspiron Duo. It converts between a laptop and iPad like tablet. Tablets that run fully through voice commands are also coming soon.

3. Size and Design: Tablets will certainly look better and more attractive over time. Thinner and lighter tablets will be the norm of the day. As new models are introduced, consumers will come to a realization as to which design and size is the most suitable for mobile usage. Currently, the manufacturers are still at a disagreement with the correct size of the tablets. Some consider bigger screen size is better while others think smaller the tablet the easier it is to carry.

4. Hardware: Tablets are still evolving in terms of processors, optical drives and more. Better and faster dual core processors will be developed to meet the demand of the Tablet PC market. Currently, the tablets are still slow compared to the laptops and are mainly used for entertainment. If you have entertainment and productivity in mind then wait till more powerful tablets hit the market. In addition, Tablet PCs don’t come with an optical drive such as a DVD or CD ROM drive. They are purchased separately. In the near future, advancement in technology will allow these bonuses to be included in the Tablets making them more all-in-one package.

5. Do you really need one? This is more of a personal question. All companies market their products in a way that aims to capture the hearts and minds of the people. You might have the latest laptop but all these tablet craze is probably making you desire one for yourself. Well, think for a moment and see if you really really need one right now.

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