Should You Buy a Wireless Mouse and Keyboard?

wireless mouse and keyboardTired of your old fashion wired mouse and keyboard? Can’t resist the temptation of going wireless? Wait, before you decide to go for the wireless set, here some some advantages and disadvantages.


1.  No hassle of tangling wires.
2.  Avoids desktop clutter. Less wires you have, the better your computer desk looks.
3.  Can move the keyboard and mouse around if the range allows. You can control the PC from the sofa.
4.  Easy to carry in case you have to travel.
5.  Prices have become much cheaper than before.
6.  Excellent for presenters who can move around and use the mouse as a remote to control the slide show.
7.  Great for laptops as not all users are used to the non user-friendly laptop keyboards and mouse pads.


  1. Uses batteries a lot. You will have to keep buying batteries every few months depending on usage. Some expensive models have rechargeable batteries.
  2. If the keyboard or mouse falls, then there is no wire to hold it back from hitting the ground. Chance of damage is higher.
  3. The wireless signal is prone to interference.
  4. If your computer doesn’t boot properly to the operating system, then your system will not recognize the wireless keyboard and mouse.
  5. The mouse gets quite heavy with the batteries inside.

Conclusion: If you want to go wireless then by all means, go ahead. However, do keep your old wired mouse and keyboard handy as they will become useful if your computer cannot boot in to the operating system. Also, you can use them if your batteries die.

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