Laptop Buying Guide for Students

student laptopIf you are a parent or a student who is looking to buy a laptop for school then the following information will help you choose the right one.

Size: The size of the laptop matters a lot when it comes to carrying it around with you. Bigger is not always better when it comes to mobility. You need a laptop that fits easily in your backpack. Screen size of the laptop will give you an understanding of its size. Look for a smaller screen size laptop, something that is below14.1″ in size. Anything higher will result in larger laptop size and as a result will be inconvenience for you to carry around in the long run.

Weight: The weight of the laptop is also important in terms of carrying it around. The weightier the laptop, the more painful it will be on your shoulder. So, choose something that is light weight.

Wi-Fi: As a student, having internet access on the go is important. It will help you find quick information about any topic you might need to research on. Go for a laptop that has wireless N adapter built in to the system. Wireless N adapters help you get stronger signals from wi-fi hot spots.

Speed: You need a system that runs quickly while on the move. The laptop should have a processor that is at least a Dual Core. These laptops handle applications much faster compared to single core systems.

Battery Life: Students require systems that have long battery life as they may not have access to power outlets while in the class room or campus. Battery life ranging between 5 to 9 hours should be selected.

Style (Optional): Computer makers know that the youth of today like to have things match their personality. So, laptops come in different colors and patterns. It is important to choose a laptop that goes with your personality as you will enjoy using it more and at the same time get to show off to your friends.

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