Where to Look for a Great Computer Deal

save moneyIf you are looking to buy a new or used computer, then browsing through the following sites is a must. The key to getting the best deal is to have patience and an eye open for weekly deals that appear on major retailer’s flyers.

For new computers, it’s safer that you buy from a large retailer as they offer better return policies and longer warranty period. In addition. they are able to offer cheaper prices due to their huge purchasing power. Retailers like Futureshop.ca, Bestbuy.com, Walmart.com, TigerDirect.com, NewEgg.com are good places to look. Signing up for their mailing list will also allow you to come across great deals that are only offered online. You can also consider eBay.com for stealing a deal but be sure to carefully read the item’s description, condition, warranty and return policy. Same goes for searching for items on Craigslist.org and Kijiji.com or other classified ad sites. Avoid purchasing costly items from overseas countries like China where you may end up with a fake or faulty item.

For used computers, you can certainly look through eBay auction items. Still be sure to properly read the item description and seller’s feedback ratings. Private sales offered through Craigslist.org and Kijiji.com are sometimes excellent. If you are buying private, then be sure to test the item in person before handing over the money. Always, compare the price of the used item with a similar new system to see if it’s really worth it to buy a used one.

Moreover, look through tech section of deal sites such as Deals.com and Redflagdeals.com to find the current great offers for computers.

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