How to Schedule Publishing of a Post in WordPress

Bloggers often need to publish a post at a later date than the current date. This is particularly true for bloggers who have a large reader’s base who are notified each time a blog post is made. If a blog post has already been made today, you don’t want to annoy the subscribers by sending another notification for a second post. In addition, bloggers may find it useful to write content when they have the time, for example during the weekends, and publish them throughout the week, automatically. This article will discuss how to schedule publishing post at a later date.

schedule publishing post at a later date

How to Schedule Publishing Post to a Later Date

WordPress gives the option to schedule the time and date for publishing posts. By default, WordPress publishes the posts immediately once Publish button is pressed. However, to schedule the publishing of a post at a later date, perform the following:

  1. From the Admin area, select Posts > Add New
  2. Finish writing your posts, including the title and text
  3. Click on Edit link next to Publish section
  4. Enter the Month, Date, Year and time for when you wish to publish the post and click OK
    wordpress schedule publishing post
  5. The Publish button will now change to Schedule
  6. Click the Schedule button once the post is finalized

If for some reason you scheduled publishing of a post but wish to cancel it and publish immediately, simply go to Posts > All Posts and click on the post you want to publish immediately. Click on the Edit link next to Schedule For and click Cancel. If you are using the Gutenberg editor, simply click on the date next to Publish and change it to the current date and time. Make any other changes to the post and once you are ready, click Publish.

If for any reason you don’t want to publish this post at all, simply cancel the schedule as per the instructions above and then either delete the post or change the Status of the post to Draft.

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