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Adobe Acrobat Closes When Saving a File [Fixed]

The other day, I was working with several PDF files using Adobe Acrobat Standard and a funny thing started to happen. Every time I clicked on File > Save As, the entire application simply closed without any warning. This seemed very strange and I embarked on a mission to find its cause. After an Ah Ha! moment, the cause was identified to be how I named my files which caused Adobe Acrobat to close when saving a file.

adobe acrobat closes when saving a file

Why Adobe Acrobat Closes When Saving a File

When such a peculiar problem occurs, the first thing I try to pinpoint is if I am doing anything different with my files which I haven’t done before, because, I never faced this problem in the past. After looking closely, I realized that I was using commas ( , ) in my file names. So my file was named something like “sales report, january, 2018.pdf”. The first file with commas was saved into a folder without any issue. However, when I went to save the second file, Adobe Acrobat closed immediately. The cause was attributed to using a special character in the file names.

The quickest method for fixing this sudden closure of the program is by removing the commas or other special characters (other than letters and numbers) from your file names. This has to be done using Windows Explorer. Browse to the folder which contains your pdf file and simply click on the file once and right click on the file or press F2 to rename the file. Once the commas are removed from the file names, Adobe Acrobat could save the file without closing abruptly.

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