How to Add Useful Shortcuts on Windows Task Bar


I have seen a colleague of mine who has links to the Desktop items and various folders on his taskbar. He is able to quickly access certain folders without having to use Windows Explorer. How do I add those features to my taskbar? I am using Windows 7.


Perhaps you are asking about the following:

taskbar icons

Enabling Desktop and Links toolbars on the taskbar can be very productive as it will eliminate the need to browse through folders using the traditional Windows Explorer. To enable these toolbars, perform the following actions:

  1. Right Click on any empty spot on the taskbar
  2. Place your cursor on Toolbars and Select Links and Desktop

The Desktop toolbar will give access to all items on your Desktop. The Links toolbar can be used to add shortcuts to various folders within your computer. To add shortcuts to the Links toolbar, browse to the location of the respective folder through Windows Explorer. Right click on the folder and select Send To – > Desktop (Create Shortcut). Drag and drop the shortcut icon from the desktop to the Links toolbar area. Once the icon appears in the Links Toolbar, simply delete the icon from the Desktop.

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