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How to File Your Tax Return for Free in Canada

It is tax season and millions of Canadians will be filing their return in various ways. If you file your tax return by yourself, there are various free tax return software available to file your 2017 return. Remember to file your return by April 30th, 2018 to meet the filing deadline.

How to File Your Tax Return for Free

AdvTax is a certified Netfile/Efile Canada Income Tax Software for 2017 returns. AdvTax can process all CRA NETFILE/EFILE required forms/slips of federal and all Canada provinces/territories. Supports mobile devices. The website claims to prepare tax returns within minutes. Individual and family returns are supported. The look and feel of the site can be more professional but hey, for free service, what can we expect.

GenuTax – GenuTax is a multiyear tax software for Canadian taxpayers. The software is free but requires you to make a modest donation if you find it useful. GenuTax Standard software allows you to prepare tax returns for up to 20 different individuals for each tax year, without any income level limitations. You will need to download the software for Windows to prepare your tax return.

H&R Block Tax Software – Allows you to file your tax online for free. H&R Block is a well renowned company and trusted by millions of users to file their taxes. The service is mobile, desktop and tablet friendly.

SimpleTax – File for free or pay what you want. You have the option to pay $0 so it can be basically free! Certified software, easy to use and nothing to install. All done online. Possibly one of the simplest tax software to use.

StudioTax – Certified by CRA and Revenue Quebec. Software versions available for Windows and Mac. Since 2004. Allows a maximum of 20 individual returns. Cannot import tax data from other tax software.

Turbo Tax – Certified software. Easy to use and secure. Large group of community members to help you with questions you may have. Has a search for deductions which lists 400 credits and deductions that can increase your refund.

You may also want to try out various other online tax return software which allow you to see how much refund you can get at no cost. You only pay when you file. This way, you can compare whether the return calculated by the free software is worthwhile.

file your tax return for free

Tax Software Coupon Codes

When you are ready to file your taxes, do not pay until you do a search for available coupon codes. You can easily save between $5 to $20 simply by entering a promotional code. A simple search on Google will help you find the codes.

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