Fraud Alert: Interac Bell Mobility Sent You Funds

Question: I just received a text message which states, “INTERAC: Bell Mobility sent you funds. Visit” Is this legitimate?

Interac Bell Mobility Sent You Funds is Fake

Many people have been getting the above text message throughout North America. Please be aware that the message is fake and aimed towards diverting you to a link which may contain a virus. If your phone is not protected with a anti-virus software, your device can get infected with virus, malwares and adwares. An unprotected device can result in identity theft and loss of sensitive person information such as contacts, online banking information and your mobile usage pattern.

The  text message appears to come from 1-403-560-6309. The area code belongs to Alberta.

interac bell mobility

Instead of a text message, some people have received an email which states the following:


You have received a refund from Bell Mobility for the amount of $200.00 (CAD) for charge back.

Click to accept funds.

In either case, please do not click on the links. If you have already clicked on the link, please download a free antivirus software such as Malwarebytes and scan your system thoroughly.

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