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How to Export PDF to High Quality Image

Question: I am trying to export a PDF file to an image but the quality is turning out to be very poor. The image is not the same quality as the original PDF file and the text is not smooth. How do I export PDF to high quality image? I am using Adobe Standard to perform the task.

How to Export PDF to High Quality Image

Thank you for your question. By default, Adobe Standard will export the PDF files into a medium quality image. This results in the exported image being of poor quality. See the example below:

export pdf to high quality image

After the PDF was exported to an image, the resulting image looks like this:

low quality exported image file

As you can see, the exported image file became grainy and the text is barely readable. By default, Adobe Standard will export a PDF file to a poor quality image. Here are the steps to exporting the PDF file to a high quality image which will preserve the original quality of the PDF file.

  • Open the PDF File using Adobe Standard.
  • Click on File > Export > Image > JPEG. A dialog box will open.
  • Click on Settings button on the dialog box.
  • From Grayscale dropdown menu, select JPEG (Quality: Maximum).
  • From the Color dropdown menu, select JPEG (Quality: Maximum).
  • You can also select a high resolution from the Resolution dropdown menu.
  • Click OK and then click Save.
  • The resulting exported image will be of high quality.


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