How to Create a Rule to Forward Emails in Outlook

Question: Is there a way to forward emails in Outlook to another email address? I have multiple email accounts and would like to have all emails forwarded to one account for convenience.

How to Forward Emails in Outlook

It is easy to forward emails you receive in Microsoft Outlook to another email account using rules.  Here are the steps to setup a rule so that all emails are forwarded to another account.

1. From the Home screen, click on Rules and select Manage Rules & Alerts.

rule to forward emails in outlook

2. Click on New Rule.

create new rule to forward emails in outlook

3. Select Apply rule on messages I receive and click Next.

apply rules on messages received outlook

4. Click to check the box for “where my name is in the To or Cc box” and click Next.

where my name is in to cc box forward emails

5. Click to check the box for “forward it to people or public group”.

forwarding emails to another address

6. At the bottom of the dialog box, click on on “people or public group” link. (See picture above)

7. In the “To” field, type in your email address(es). Separate addresses with semicolon ( ; ). Click OK.

email address to forward to

8. Click Next.

9. Select any exceptions which apply. If no exceptions, click Next.

10. Specify a name for the rule.

11. Click Finish.

From now on, any messages you receive to your Outlook email account will be forwarded to the email addresses specified in the rule.

Note about forwarding corporate emails to personal accounts

If you are planning to forward corporate emails to a personal account, note that many corporations have policies in place that prevent the employees from forwarding sensitive data to personal email accounts. So, be sure to consult with your management team before setting up a rule to forward messages. Many personal email accounts are prone to security issues and you don’t want confidential information to fall on the wrong hands.

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