Double Clicking Icon on Taskbar Closes Outlook [FIXED]

While most icons remain on the taskbar whether single or double clicked, Outlook often closes the program if the icon is double clicked. If this is bothering you then I have a solution for you! With two simple steps, you can bring your Outlook life back to normal.

What Happens When an Icon in Taskbar is Double Clicked?

Clicking the icon a single time on the taskbar minimizes the program. Clicking it again brings the program window back on the screen. This is a bypass to the traditional minimize icon located on the top right corner of program windows.


What Causes Outlook to Close When the Taskbar Icon is Double Clicked?

Here is the interesting part. Outlook actually doesn’t close when the taskbar icon is double clicked! It is simply minimized. I will show you how to keep the icon active like other programs in the next section.

The Solution to Keep Outlook Open When Taskbar Icon is Double Clicked

Here is the solution. The setting for making the Outlook icon disappear from the taskbar when double clicked is controlled through the Outlook icon displayed in the notification bar.

Step 1:

Locate the Outlook icon on Windows notification bar. Depending on your version of Outlook, the icon may look blue.


Step 2:

Right click on the Outlook icon on the notificaton bar and uncheck Hide When Minimized. Once unchecked, no matter how many times you click the Outlook icon on the taskbar, the program will remain open.


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