Fix: Firefox, Internet Explorer Search Takes to Wrong Page

browser-hijackYou put a search query in the Google’s search box and hit enter. Google gives you a list of most relevant sites. You find the first listed result the most appealing. You click on the link and something strange happens. The browser doesn’t take you to the site you clicked on, rather it takes you to a completely different site which is sometimes full of pop-up ads or inappropriate content. If this is happening to you then you are a victim of  browser hijacking.  Browser hijacks are usually caused by viruses and malwares, specially, adwares that sneak into your system through infected sites and takeover your favorite browser. Unfortunately, these malwares are able to bypass detection by most major anti-virus software.

Now that you are infected, is there any way to get out of this? Yes, there is. There are several free software out there that prevents your browser from being hijacked. One of these free software is Spybot Search and Destroy. They have a built in feature called Immunize. Once applied, it immunizes your browser from malwares and stops these malicious software from attacking your browser from within.

Here is what you have to do to fix this browser problem.

1. Download Spybot Search and Destroy.

2. Install the software and use the software Update feature to update to the latest version.

2. Restart your computer in Safe Mood. For instructions, please see our page on Easiest way to start in safe mode.

3. Run Spybot in Safe Mode and do a scan. If it finds any problems, please Fix them.

4. Click on Immunize Button on the left menu bar to immunize your browser.

That’s all. your browsers should now be safe. You can restart the computer back to normal and run the immunize feature again to further protect the browser.

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