How to Save on Gas by Using the Internet

saveongasIf you are living in Canada, use the following resources to save a few cent per litre when buying gas.

Find out if the gas price is going to increase or decrease the next day. To do this, visit and look for the Gas Prices icon near the bottom of the page. Gas price futures are usually posted after 4:30 PM on a daily basis. Their gas prices are provided by En-Pro, which is very accurate.

You may also try This website also predicts gas price increases/decreases for cities accross the nation.

Download an app for your smartphone. The best app to find cheap gas prices is Gasbuddy, it’s available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

Try signing up for MBNA Smartcash Mastercard. You can sign up for free online through They offer 5% cash back on gas and grocery for 6 months and then 3% thereafter. It’s a pretty good pick for today’s costly oil purchases. It’s better than Petro Canada’s CIBC mastercard which let’s you save 2cents per litre.


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