Send Free SMS Worldwide

free-smsIf you don’t have a phone service that provides free SMS or text messaging feature then try the following websites. They offer free SMS service worldwide.

Send SMS Now: Free SMS service to individuals worldwide. Can register and receive replies as well.

SMS IX: Ad supported SMS service. Send free SMS to many countries around the world. 5 free SMS messages per day. Tested by

Send Free SMS Mobi: Free SMS service. Not so reliable as server is often busy.

SMS Texter: Worldwide unlimited sms text messages.

e-Free SMS: Free Worldwide sms service. Message not instant, delayed by few minutes.

Fido: Requires registration. Send free SMS within Canada. Receive replies via email.

Bell SMS: Send a text message directly to any Bell Mobility text-enabled phone.

Telus SMS: You can send a message directly to any TELUS Mobility digital PCS or Mike phone or alphanumeric pager from this Web site.

Koodo Mobile SMS: Send free SMS to Koodo mobile users.

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